The Three Musketeers

 We were always three, my sisters and I. We went to the prom together, no boys, just us three. We studied in the library together: science, maths and English. We travelled together: Italy, Africa and New York. When the time came to make a life decision we made it together, just us three. We all got into the same university. We studied different things though: Textiles, Sociology and English Literature. It was always us three. Living as neighbours even when we reached 20. The beginning of a new decade. Time at university went on. We studied hard, watched the same programmes and went to parties, sticking together. One day, when summer began again and another year at university ended something happened. I didn’t see one of my sisters for a whole day. I rang her but she didn’t reply. I text her but she didn’t reply. She didn’t even Tweet me back. The same day, my other sister ditched me for another friend. A better friend. But I was her sister. I saw them both the day after and they didn’t understand why I was so upset. They were mine. It was just us three. And they were moving on. Each through their different doorways.