The Fantastic Fox


The sun rested on the bright auburn hair of a fox, grooming him with peace and serenity. He was curled in a ball, snuggled in the bosom of late afternoon. I’d never seen tranquillity quite like this. Birds sang and the quiet wind blew, and there he slept, a tired fox.
I had to get a picture.
There was a fox sleeping in my garden!
I snapped one through my murky kitchen window, but I had to get a closer shot.
With my baby playing happily in the lounge, I turned the key in our back door, slow, steady. I slipped my sandals on. Leaning gently on the handle, I silently opened the door and crept outside.
I’d barely got one foot on the patio when through the gap in my baby’s green slide, eyes as sharp as a thorn and as vulnerable as a rose stared right through me.
His ears pointed fiercely.
I was petrified, for myself, for him.
Not one second longer, he shot as quickly as a bullet from a hunter’s gun down the garden, through the prickly bush, scraping back and forth, back and forth, and as I stood and watched in pure fascination, he clambered up the fence and bolted right over it, never to be seen again.
And all I’ve got to remember him by is a lousy picture through my murky kitchen window.



Tranquility. She deserves more attention, more respect. We’re always so busy nowadays. We don’t take lunch breaks in the park, we take them at our desk, whilst on the phone, during a meeting. I didn’t meet Tranquility for 60 years. There were so many deadlines in our publishing house, piles of paperwork and far too little coffee breaks. My coffee was gulped over manuscripts, leaving brown rings on the paper.

I met Tranquility in retirement. Suddenly, I had time – to hear the early birdsong, feel the whispering breeze through my hair and meet strangers who turned into friends. I felt relaxed for the first time in my life! If only someone introduced me to Tranquility in my 40s. I might not have had that heart attack.

Tranquility shouldn’t be ignored until retirement. So go and have a cup of steaming coffee in the park and meet her.